Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Dog

My son's girlfriend, Lauren turned 24 yesterday. When I decided to make her a birthday card, I definitely thought of putting a dog on the card, since she owns a tiny little furry pup. She is as pretty and unique as a snowflake, so I put the 2 together in this card.

Laruens bDay card

I got the image about 2 years ago from OnyXpressions and this is the first time I have put ink to it. You can bet it will not be the last time. The impression is great and the puppy is so cute. He could be looking at virtually anything, so many options.  On this card, the pup has noticed his first snowflake. I hope it lands on his nose, LOL

Laruens bDay card close upFor the snow I used my glue pen and flower soft.  I simply dotted the image layer with the glue pen and covered it with the flower soft, burnished it (pressed down on it with my finger) and shook off the excess.

I was actually surprised how well it took on the tiny glue spots. It looks so much more real than glitter, which is what I have used in the past.

Laruens bDay card snowflake

The only snowflakes I had that were the right size for this image were off white buttons. Why they would make off white snowflakes I don't know. Why I bought them is even a bigger mystery!

To help them match the color scheme better, I colored over them with my glue pen and pressed them into the flower soft. It worked just enough to give them the look I wanted with not to much that it would fall off into an envelope.

I did fit it into 2 challenges, of course. the first one is Copic Creations Challenge#19...to color fur. As I wrote in yesterdays post, I am trying to learn how to use my copic markers to the best of my ability.  At the Copic Creations Challenge, not only do they give a challenge, but a list of tutorials to help you! So now I know "how" to give a fur look to a furry image, I just need to practice it. How exciting to learn a new technique that I can use so often!

The second is for a new to me site called The Pink Elephant Challenge who had their 48th challenge this week. And what a doozy it is....to make a thank-you or birthday card using 2 designer papers, 3 buttons and snowflakes. Now THAT is a challenge. Especially when, if you are like me, you are looking forward to making "non-winter" cards.

I wrote on the inside with my own hand writing {{{blush}}} which I am bravely going to show you

Laruens bDay card inside

This was a really fun card to make and color. I hope she likes it :o)

hugs, Sandy O

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