Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flower Soft, Butterflies and an Origami Frame

I have had my flower soft for months. The only one I have used is the white for Christmas cards. I finally broke down yesterday and actually made flowers with it!

Doing the origami frame, I need something to frame. I wanted to used a wonderful new image from Digital Stamp Oasis, but my paper has not arrived yet. I found, on the paper I have, even my prisma color pencils smudged the ink! WOW! That is when it hit me that many things can be framed, not only images.

Here is a framed sceneMCC origami frame CU  
The frame was so much fun to make and I really like how it turned out. The butterflies were made with the Stampin' Up beautiful wings embosslit.

MCC origami frame
Of course, the inside needed a bit of dressing up also

MCC origami frame insideWell, that is it for today. I am a bit out of sorts today. My Photo shop Elements is not working for some reason and I gave myself a headache trying to figure out why, LOL. Have you ever done that before, thought until you got a headache. I am not sure if it means my brain is not used to being used, like muscles that get sore after exercising. Ha ha ha, I certainly hope not!

Have a super day and thank you so much for stopping by today. Hugs, Sandy O 

Comments from before moving to blogger This is gorgeous Sandy. Love the origami! It's amazing. The flower soft looks really nice, I haven't tried it yet. Love how you decorated the inside too. Posted by: Ellie | March 20, 2010 at 11:16 PM I, too, have the flower soft and not used it. This is is so beautiful, I must get mine out also. Thanks for the inspiration. Beautiful card. Victoria

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