Saturday, March 6, 2010

FREE Digital Image From Wink Wink Ink

Raincoat teddie plant decorationLet me introduce you to "Rainy Day" by Wink Wink Ink, ha ha ha. Isn't he just to cute in his rain gear. Of course you can see the complete image here, since I cut off the background to make this planter decoration.

Your free image will come with 3 separate files, JPG, PNG transparent, and a color version. Once you try the freebie, I have not doubt you will fall in love with her images.

I used the color image for this project. I layered him on 3 layers of white cardstock with Aleen's tacky glue. When it dried, I cut it out and attached the craft sticks. Once all was completely dry, I coated the front, back and sticks with 3 layers of matte mod-podge. Since I was all out of the glossy mod podge, I gave a final coat with my Crystal Effects from Stampin' Up.

One of the Wink Wink Ink design team members, Darlene, used the crystal effects on the rain coat, hat and boots to give the shine they would have in real life. You can see, here, on her blog the card she made.

When I first saw him I did not think of a card. I thought how cute he would be in a planter actually getting rained on, ha ha ha. I do not have flowering plants in the house during our NH winters. My pale green thumb only works outside. I do, however, have this bamboo plant. That is what I used here, even though the plant actually gets watered directly into the pot. I know all you crafters have superb imaginations and can picture him in a beautiful pot of flowering freesia. With the humming birds all around him and then....covered with "rain" as you water the plant.

He is only available for a short time, so don't miss out on it.

Hugs, Sandy O

Comments from before moving to Blogger Sandy, this turned out sooooo cute! You are always thinking outside the box! Love it! ;o) Posted by: Melanie | March 06, 2010 at 10:54 PM This is so cute Sandy. Your creativity always amazes me!! Posted by: Ellie | March 06, 2010 at 09:24 PM Oh my gosh ... is this cute or what!!! What a fabulous idea you have here! Thanks so much for mentioning my little creation ... aren't you sweet!!

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