Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have a new technique that I am learning, though it is so old I am not sure if the origins for it are even known, LOL. I have always been interested in how origami was done. I have tried and tried to follow written directions for it to no avail. They are the most confusing instructions I have ever tried to follow.

When My Creative Classroom advertised a class for origami, I signed up right away. I have taken some fun classes from them before and really liked them. My hope was to "see" the technique, but not on Youtube where I find the videos often do not have the clearity or close up shots I need in order to "see" what they are doing. After seeing, practicing a few times and comparing them to the written directions, perhaps the directions will make more sense to me.

Of course, like every class, they started with a very simple fold...YEAH!!! I can tell you that it is so much easier to understand when you are seeing a person fold those small squares, circles, ovals, etc

Here is the card made with the first fold we learned. You can click on either photo to get a good look at the fold.

First teabag folding outside First teabag folding inside 

This next card used a scalloped oval rather than a square that was used in the previous card. I am not sure why, but the oval did not line up well. With the final 2 folds, one side ended up larger than the other, LOL.  Perhaps I will try it with a plain oval next time.

MCC origami 2 

MCC origami 2 CU




MCC origami 2flap open MCC origami 2 inside



Gosh, I love learning something new, don't you. This weeks fold will make a nice frame and I have already picked out the stamp I would like to use. Hopefully my paper order will arrive so I can print it out. If not, I have an actual rubber stamp image I have chosen, LOL

If you like learning new crafting techniques, you may enjoy the online classes that My Creative Classroom offers. Not only do they offer card classes, but they offer classes on scrapbooking, Cricut, Bind-it-all, Altering Media, Jewelry Making and more, including some photography classes.

I hope you have a terrific week. Hugs, Sandy O

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