Friday, January 2, 2009


I know, it has been so long since my last post, even I was starting to forget that I had a blog! Well....not really.........what I have been doing is searching my heart to see why I even blog? What was I hoping to share with others? What was I hoping to get from the experience? Did I want a business blog, a personal blog or something in between? I have thought long and hard and have finally taken a good look at "Cyber ME".

I came to realize that the blogging experience is one I do not want to give up. Once I decided that, all I need to do was answer all the other gazillion questions about it. Things I have come to realize

1. I was doing what I thought was the proper way to blog, not how "I" wanted to blog

2. I listened to and watched what others did instead of looking at what "I" can do

3. I tried to imitate other bloggers that I enjoy visiting instead of being "me"

4. I tried to be professional, instead of just having fun

Blah, blah blah.....Teeehehehehe, I could go on and on about my cyber soul search, but even I was getting bored with it!

So over the next couple of weeks I will be working on creating "MY" blog, teehehehehehe...and I am excited about it.  Finally something I can me! HA! And being me is something I can do on a consistent basis! Woo woo!

 There are lots of new things going on with STAMPIN' UP that I will be sharing in the next week and going forward. There are so many new things that I felt over whelmed by them. WHERE TO BEGIN?????

NOW.....for the inspiration that brought me here.  I was encouraged to post today due to the fact that I have completed a project that I wanted to share with you. There is a new stamp company that carries the exact kind of stamps I did not like. Notice that I wrote that in the past tense (if I didn't, that is what I meant to do, but English was never a strong subject for me, LOL)  

Thanks to The Greeting Farm (formally known as Pink Poison) I have been converted! Marie has the cutest stamps! I love them, even though "cute" was just not my style, I fell in love with these.  AND...she owns a sweet dog, "STEWIE" who I am sure won the "Cutest Dog In The World" award, with my Jerry being the runners up.

Not only does she have unmounted rubber stamps (the best of both worlds!) but she has some digital images too.  This week there is a contest using one of these images, the Unicorn.  There is a limit of 3 entries, so I made 3 projects.....I REALLY want to win, LOL. I have never used a digital stamp before, and since it was right in my price range AND I did not have to pay shipping...I quickly added this cute stamp to my cart. I had tons of ideas floating in my head as I decided that while I was at it, I might as well get some of the others, too. Teehehehe! AND storage is no problem, as long as I remembered where I uploaded them to, LOL!!!

Here are my projects.  Remember, you can click on any of the photos "and there are a lot of them" to see more details of the image.  Which, if you like bling as much as I do, you will definitely want to do!

WM Fallie sticker tin  WM Fallie stickers 

This is a sticker tin I made using the image.  I printed them up on the White Adhesive Sheets I purchased from Papertrey Ink.

The contest included giving your unicorn a name and personality.  You can read my unicorns story here.

WM Fallie jewlery set  

Now, I need to apologize for the quality of some of the following images. I am not sure what went wrong, but the solution is sitting right in my stamp room, a wonderful portable studio my son bought for me!

This project is a Jewelry set. I purchased the frame at the Dollar Store for, well....a dollar, LOL.  The colorful clothes pins I purchased on clearance at Staples.  I actually bought them for the magnetic tin they came in, they were just an added bonus, LOL. The frame was dressed up using stick strip tape and fine glitter. The clips are wearing dazzling diamonds.

You can read more of my unicorns story here. Below are some close ups of this project.

 Jewelry Holder WM Fallie Jewlery hanger  
 WM Fallie jewelry holder close up

WM Fallie braclet  WM Fallie necklace

Bangle bracelet and necklace, with detailed images of the bangles below.

WM Fallie autograph WM Fallie  WM star flower    WM Shimmy

One last project I made below. You can read the rest of the story of my unicorn here.

Crayon Basket

WM Fallie star basket

WM Fallie star basket close up If my daughter was still 6 years old (she is now 24! YIKES....I'm still 24!!! How can THAT be????) I think she would love these.  She did have a Little Pony once, but I threw it out of the car window one day when she and her brothers would not stop fighting! I KNOW....I was a horrible parent and I regret it to this day {{{sniff, SNIFF}}}

Maybe I will give her this set for her daughter (when she has one....ARE YOU LISTENING ALICIA!!!!, LOL) to make up for the emotional damage she most likely still has from the incident.

Make sure to check out all the wonderful entries for the contest.  There are such amazingly talented stampers out there.  The entries intimidate me every time I look, they are all so gorgeous!!! Click HERE to see them all. Marie sure has a VERY difficult decision to make!

Thanks for stopping by and I am excited to have you along for the brand spankin' new "ME" Paper Transformer blog!

HUGS, Sandy O

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