Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quick Fix and a Quick card

Did you ever make a card that just did not look right to you? Perhaps you adhered part a bit crooked or realized that an accessory really did look better the other way. That would have been OK, but the adhesive you used suddenly decided to dry like cement and there is not way of fixing it this time. Uggg...and it was one of the best cards you had ever made!?!

Well, yesterday I posted a card just like that. I was unhappy with the coloring of just one small part. That area really ruined the entire card for me. It bothered me all afternoon. I could not erase it, nor could I remove the image without destroying the under layer. {{{sniff}}} and I simply did not want to redo the entire me lazy, LOL

I finally decided to try a quick fix before I set my laziness aside and remade the entire card. What did I do? Well, I thought perhaps I could cut the ball off of one of the "not so great" stamped images I tossed and apply it on top of the "bad" one. Worth a try, right?

No more than 5 minutes later I my elaborate plan was complete. Not to bad I thought. Actually looks pretty good. I could barely notice it and I knew it was there. The final test would be showing my wonderfully honest {{{mean look from me here}}} husband.

When he came home from work I showed him the card. He said it was really cute...better than the "OH Yeah" I sometimes get! When he went to hand it back to me, I asked "do you see anything odd about the image?" Boy, did he scrutinize the thing. I think the little girl started to get uncomfortable, LOL. He handed it back and said, "no, I don't see anything odd at all". That was until I showed him and actually had him run a finger over the edge of the ball. Now I got the "OH Yeah!", LOL

So....the quick fix had passed, YEAH!!! Now to photograph it, edit it...sigh...all the boring stuff that goes with posting your creation somewhere. Here is the "fixed" card.

Sarah kay prayer card redo

So what do you think? I think the soft colors look so much better. If you did not see the before card, just scroll down to yesterdays post. Here are a couple of close ups for you:

Sarah kay prayer card close up   Sarah kay prayer card close up redo

Now, you can click on any of the photos, as you can in all my posts and see it in its original size.

I am shamefully admitting that I posted the original for a challenge {blush}. I am also going to post this one as a redo, LOL.  I hope that is allowed!!! Otherwise I will feel really weird, tee he he he and will most likely blush {{{eyes rolling here}}}.

Since that did not take to long and I already had dinner made (isn't that nice :o) almost as nice as my DH saying "don't cook tonight, I will take you out!" {{{Big huge ROTF LOL goes here}}}.

What would I ever do with all the spare time I had? Well, play some more, TEE HE HE HE! So I made a couple of simple cards. Here is the first one, the second one I will save for tomorrows post.

12 09 09

I decided to try the Dew Drops that I bought a looooong time ago and never used. I did not realize that they came in different sizes in the same container. This worked out great over the lace I used. LOVE LACE!!! LOL. Talk about super quick. I am finding that quick can be just as fun as "not quick" cards. And....I can make more of them which gives me a feeling of "WOW, I did good today" LOL

I tend to go with the "not so quick" cards. Which ones do you seem to do most often?

Thanks for stopping by...hugs

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