Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Understanding Spotlights

Spot lighting is one of the very first techniques I had heard of as a beginner stamper. I had written directions right in front of me and 5 other demos at the table doing the same thing.  You would think that it was a no fail situation, right!?? Well.....I did fail...I did it totally wrong. I am really not sure what I was thinking, LOL....but apparently I was not in the right mind.

The spot light technique is perfect for a one layer card. Simply use a background stamp, spot light a section of it, add some ribbon and voila! Actually, it can be any type of stamp, but I thought I would go with something easy.

Wm Bell toile spot lightI actually did it correctly this time. The one thing I did do wrong was grab the wrong green for the leaves.  I went to grab the correct color, a darker green, but apparently the blue green was right next to it.  {{{sigh}}}

I could have re-done it.  It's not like it is a large area.  It does not look as bad in real life, though, so I figured I would just leave it. LOL. Isn't that just the way (I am rolling my eyes here, teehehe)!!! The camera really picks up every little detail.

This is one of the 2 background stamps I have that has not retired yet.  The other being Calendar, and that just would not work for this.

Hmmmm. Actually it could if I spot light a specific date, Aha!!! I think I just may try that!

The ribbon was dyed by pressing it lightly onto the Sage Shadow ink pad.

The recipe is in the card album.

{{{Siiiiiiiigh}}} <<long is snowing here in NH agian.  A bit of freezing rain seems to be in the mix right now.  The sun....well, I am just guessing right now that it is out there somewhere...will be setting very shortly so I am not sure what will happen then. 

One thing for sure, the Chihuahua's and the Dachshund certainly have no intention of going outside any time soon.  Funny that the Dachshund is so much bigger than the Chihuahua's, but his legs are soooooo much shorter, LOL.  One inch of snow and his belly gets wet, hahahaha. It is actually the funniest thing to watch him playing in the snow.  Being a long haired Doxie, he relishes the cooler weather.

Wait until you see what I ahve made for the next few days.  So fun :o)

Until tomorrow, Hugs, Sandy O

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