Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All In The Family

This set from Stampin' Up looked like so much fun to play with, I just had to get it right away! When it arrived, I looked at all the small blocks and rubber images to cut and put it aside.  I was sure it would not look so intimidating later, LOL.

Today, while browsing some of my favorite blogs I found a fun post using this very set.  Sarah Coyle made the cutest dry erase memo board utilizing this set.  Check out her blog INK (redible) Happenings and see it, it is so cute!  HI SARAH!!! Teehehehe

Months have now gone by and my poor little people still had not been put together. So using Sarah's dry erase board as inspiration, I pulled it out and decided to give this family life.  To my amazement, it was quite easy to cut and mount.  The images use mostly straight lines, which are much easier to cut than odd shaped images. It took me no time at all to mount the whole set.  Even better for YOU....Stampin' Up now carried it die cut.  Talk about easy stamp mounting!

Wm all in the familyHA, HA, Ha....isn't this card cute.  It is my second day of one layer cards and I am just loving it. 

If you don't like coloring, this set is for you.  These images are made for "kindergarten" coloring, tehehehehe....Justt look at Paul's arms, they look like they are coming out of his waist, HA HA. Peter is hitting Patrick on the head, such a big brother thing to do. I am fixing Alicia's pony tail and Paul has his hand well.....trying to get the rabbit ears behind my head before the picture snaps! But his arms are to low to reach, hahahahaha

Aaaaaaa....such memories, LOL!!!

I did not have a sentiment that said "From our Family to Yours" so I used the sentiment from the retired Hostess set Best Yet.  You could use any sentiment you would like. I really liked the fact that I could cross out the "me" and put the "us" for this card.  It really made it look like something a child would do.  Even better, you can use your own writing and not feel intimidated that you writing is not as neat as a rubber stamped sentiment.

And the sun, teehehehe...when I was little, I put this sun on everything I colored! Hahahaha, talk about bringing back memories. 

So there is (from left to right) Paul, Me (with the glasses, LOL) Alicia, Peter, Patrick, Buddy (brownish red doxie), Jazer (white with gray spots and one black eye female chi) and Jeremiah or Jerry for short (black with white stripe between eyes and on his chest and 2 white and 2 black paws, male chi)

Hahahaha...I think they are so cute.  Jerry thinks he is the top dog,so when there was not enough room to put all 3 in the line......putting him on top seemed the natural place to put him, LOL. I just had so much fun with this card. Can you tell??? I am certainly going to use this set much more often.

I do highly suggest using a Stamp-a-ma-jig with this set.  You can find one by clicking on the catalog button to the right and go to page 189. This is one tool you will not regret purchasing!!! If you look at the recipes for my cards, you will see I almost always use my Stamp-a-ma-jig. It is especially important with this set, since eye balling it can cause someones head to float into the sky, LOL.

I did not give my family a ground to stand on, so they are kind of floating into the sky anyway, tehehehehe...My reason is because when I was little, it never even occurred to me that everything had to have a shadow or ground or something to anchor it!

Well....I am off to make some more of these one layer cards.  I am just loving them.  You can find the recipe for this card, as always, in the card gallery.

Till, tomorrow...HUGS! Sandy O

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