Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bees= Sign of Life

I love the new Stampin' up set "Just Buzzin' By".  Those bees are just to cute.  I also love the idea of celebrating the BEE! I know that they scare a lot of people and some for a very good reason.  One can not argue that being stung by a bee really, REALLY HURTS! And to be allergic to something that could sting you unaware is a truly frightening thing.

I have found, though, that bees are very private creatures.  They won't bother you if you don't invade their personal space.  Not much different from some people I have encountered, LOL. The hard part for us is that they are very small and we could accidentally impose on them totally unaware.

The past couple of years the news of these small buzzers has gotten a lot of people very concerned.  They have been dying for no apparent reason by the hundreds. Whole nests even. Now that is scary! Without bees there is very little pollination going on.  Without pollination there is no food! And human beings love their food! Where there is no food, there is no life. 

With that in mind, as spring peeps out of the ground, bees become abundant, thankfully.  To me that is a sure sign of life!

As the snow fell, about a foot that is, I decided it was a good day to bring out this set and honor the creature that helps give life....not to mention the YUMMY honey!! Mmmmmmm....mmmmmmm. I love honey! What nice little guys to share their hard earned sweet sticky stuff.

Wm one layer 3 window bee

Now how cute are these! The honey pot is over flowing with honey as they invite you to run your finger around the rim and have a taste.

Just look at the little guy jumping up and down. Teehehehe, I spent a good 30 minutes googling how to show the "jumping up and down" of a cartoon.  I have seen it a gazzilion times, but just could not remember the doodle lines that represented it.  Every site I found showed how to draw a cartoon ready to jump. guy is already excited!!! So I hope that he looks like he is jumping up and down.  It does look like he is hoping on the lid to protect his booty...BUT....

Wm one layer 3 window bee inside

When you open the card you find he is excited that you visited his home.  Hahahaha, I think he is sooooo cute.  This card is the first one I have made using the outlining and shadowing/grounding.  I would love to know what you think.  Being my first, I am unsure of how it came out.  The grounding looks muddy to me :o( but that may be just because I made it.  When I see other cards, I really like the look, and it seems simple enough.  Not really sure why I find it so difficult. I am amazed at the difference the outlining makes!!! I did the jumping bee first and he looked so much better than the other 2 after that.  When I finished one card, it looked so much better than the 2nd card which had not been outlined yet.

I do make at least 2 of every card I make.  That way I can keep one in a binder and the other I can give to someone. The idea is that eventually I will be able to CASE my own work, LOL. I keep each card with the recipe on a separate piece of paper.  It makes it so much easier to share with others on line also.  If you have not started keeping your recipes, I highly recommend it. It really is a helpful tool.

You can click on each picture to see the details better. You can also find the recipe in the card album. I used crystal effects on the dripping honey and dazzling diamonds on the wings so they look like they are sparkling in the spring sun.

So....this card is the result of day 4 of my personal challenge to make only one layer cards (for one week, that is, LOL).  I am really liking it and starting to come up with some ideas on my own, Yeahhh!!!

Tomorrow I will envelope you with love, LOL, with a really cute card for Valentines Day or any day actually :o) Till then,

Hugs, Sandy O

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