Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy as a bee

Stampin' Up has come up with a truly cute spring set, Just Buzzin' By", page 57. Just click on the catalog to the right and flip right to the page to see the whole set......Isn't it just the cutest!!!  Who can resist the spring feeling these cute little bees represent?

When I saw them the first thing that came to mind was how bees seem to move and hover endlessly. To represent this, I made a spinner/slider card.

Buzzin' by WM Just look at how cute and busy these guys are! They are so happy to be in such a lovely field of flowers.

Buzzin' by close up WM

Buzzin' by slider to right WM

Here you can see the bee on top of the hive twirling in gleeful anticipation of what the spring will bring.

The bee flying by the hive brought a fun note to his friends, since he is just to busy to stop and chat, HA, hahaha...

How fun this card is for anyone from the age of 4 to 104! The smaller pieces that create the twirling and sliding bees make this card unsuitable for those younger.

Of course, a card is not complete without the inside decorated to match the outside:

Buzzin' by inside WM 

So cute! Dancing in the field, hoping on flowers and still buzzing by with a wave, these bees are having a blast!!! Spring is here!!! Well....for these little guys anyway. Here in New England it looks like spring is just a dream we had one time, LOL.

All the bees here in NH are tucked safe in their nests, waiting for that first sign of spring. If only we could sleep the cold days way, LOL.....

Actually, I would truly miss stamping, making cards, scrap booking and my family.  WAIT....I have that backwards...I would truly miss my family, then stamping, card making, scrap booking, Teehehehehe

The recipe for this card is in the Card Album.

Have a nice warm and fun day, Hugs, Sandy O

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