Saturday, January 24, 2009

Male 16th Birthday

YIKES!!! I wanted to make a birthday card for Paul's nephew who was turning 16! Well.....what kind of card do you make for a 16 year old??? 

I finally decided to just go with a masculine card and not think about his age.  Since his family spends 3 weeks each summer at the beach, I went with 2 of SU's retired sets, Schooner and Set Sail.

William 16th WM 

I had no idea how to make a sailors knot! I mean, often does you average person tie them?? Well....that is assuming I am an average person, {{{wink}}}Teehehe

Thank goodness for Google.  I have no idea what I would do with out it! My Gosh, I even have it in my tool bar so it is always right there when I need it...which is an average of 3-4 times per computer time.

Through the magic of Google, I quickly found a video tutorial for them. How how great is that.  The one thing it did not show me was which side of the knot should show on the front of a card! Such DILEMMAS!!! And I thought card making would be easy, LOL

William 16th insideWM   Here is a little peak at the inside of the card. 

You can find the recipe in the photo album.

OK...OK....OK....for those who read yesterdays post, you know I challenged myself to only making one layer cards the rest of this month! {{{SIGH}}} I really tried...REALLY...I just could not do it.  I honestly would not have used dimensionals if it weren't for the cord used for the knot...honest! No bling though! That's a start, right???

I did join a group that is committed to making a certain amount of Christmas cards each month.  I am going to make the cards that I planned to make this past Christmas, but had run out of time.  All the card stock is cut out and they are ready for some ink and rubber.  Soooo....except for these, which I am planning on doing tomorrow....all next week my goal is to show you simple "flat" and pretty cards.

Till Monday...HUGS, Sandy O

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