Monday, January 26, 2009

One Layer Joy

I have to admit, I DID NOT feel like stamping today.  Did you ever have a day where you were simply exhausted for no reason what so ever. {{{SIGH}}} I was so tired when my Doxie started winning to go out this morning...and it was 10:00!!!

Being Monday this is not a good thing.  Monday is my time to clean the house from the hectic weekend. The plan is to have the house in tip top shape by dinner on Monday, so that the rest of the week I just have to keep it up.  IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED that way, but it is always the plan, LOL, one must have a plan, right. Now, I am already up way late and am exhausted.

So I brew coffee and fill a large soup mug with this magical wake up liquid and settle in to check my email, SU updates, gossip on the forums, my favorite know....the normal morning cup of coffee reading!

With my eyes rolling into the back of my if there was something to see back there, SHEESH! I just was not waking up.  By noon, I had finished the huge mug of coffee and was ready to settle down for the night {{{yaaaaawwwwwnnnnn}}}

NOOOOOOOOOO...EYES....Stop looking a the back of my head and focus on what is out there!!! As much as my brain yelled at them, they just would not listen., Jazer, Jerry and Buddy (my three warm and snuggly pups) settled on the couch for a quick power nap.  When they finally settled down and finished fighting about who could lay as close to my head as possible, I was down for the count. 

I thought I heard one of my kids come in and use the computer, but that was it. Until Jazer had to go out at 3:30!! I wanted to tell her to hold it, but she usually does not listen when I do.  She is the one that is like a little kid and waits until the las minute because she HATES the outdoors, especially in the winter.  I did find that Patrick had indeed stopped by to use the computer, good to know it was not a thief that made off with it!!! Though the pups are great watch dogs that bark at every little noise out and in side...Napping is not to be interrupted for anything but potty breaks. house work will get done off to the stamp room I dragged myself....what a shame I had slept through my cleaning time and only had time to stamp, Bwaaahhhahaaaaha!

As you know, I challenged myself to making only one or two layer cards for the rest of this month (with the exception of my Christmas Card group, LOL) AND WOW!!!These cards were so much fun to make!!! I got 2 of these done in no time.  I really think it took longer to decide witch stamps to use than to actually do the stamping.  My desk stayed clean.  My floor was not slippery from glitter. My dogs look like my dogs, not like sparkling chihuahua tree ornaments, teehehehe. And the Dachshund did not have time to seek out something around the house to destroy, LOL, much to his dismay.

Wm 2 Dream du Jour one layer cardThis is the first of 2 that I made today.  It utilizes 2 of my favorite things, the color blue and the Dream du Jour stamp set.

The recipe can be found in the card gallery, but it is so simple, I will add it here also.

Stamps:Dream du Jour, Heard from the Heart

Ink:  Bording Blue, Night of Navy

Paper: Whisper White

Accessories: Stipple Brush, 1 3/8" Square Punch, Stamp-a-ma-jig

Technique: Reverse Masking

Wm ehcoes of kindness one layer card 

This second card is much like the first, with the exception of the stamp set and ink color.

Stamps: Echoes of Kindness, Heard From the Heart

Ink: Regal Rose

Paper: Whisper White

Accessories: Stipple Brush, 1 3/8" Square Punch, Stamp-a-ma-jig

Technique: Reverse Masking

How fun are these!!! Now I need to think of another design {{{sigh}}} for tomorrows cards.  The fantastic thing is that when the month is finished, I will have 6 different designs to work with.

I am no longer afraid of the words, "Do you have a card for....." Teehehehehe

Next time I will hear those words, I will be able to put on my "Super Stamper" costume and save the day with a lovely one layer card.

Hugs, Sandy O

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