Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Rose Of Spring

Do you like making cards? My first dabble into paper crafting was a scrapbook page. Hmmmm....took me forever to make that page and all I did was put a layer of card stock under the photos and added some stickers, LOL. It is a page of our first child on her first day in the world. How appropriate for it to be my first scrapbook page,! Since then I have made maybe a dozen more layouts {{{hanging my head in shame}}} My love for paper crafts does not extend to scrap booking and I really don't know why. Maybe because they take me soooooo long, LOL

I love, love, love making cards and altered items, though.  All this to say that I found a wonderful new forum that the primary focus is to card making. YEAH!!! It is called "Card Universe" which is an extension of Scrapbook News and Reviews. Finally a forum for us card makers. It is set up much like Paper Craft Planet or, I am told, like Facebook. I just signed up  this morning and would love for you to jump in with me. Here is the link -->Card Universe<--

Moving onto the ROSE, LOL

On one of my favorite CD's, there is a song called "Last Rose Of Summer". When I hear it, I feel sad for the end of summer and all the flowers that fade away. So today....just days way from saying good by to cranky and pushy Mr Winter...I have the first Rose of Spring.

Kinkade yellow rose   

When I saw this new image from Cornish Heritage Farm, I HAD to get it, as it is different from his other images. I generally do not color my Thomas Kinkade images. They can be very intimidating, just look at the detail! I used my Prisma markers on this and was sad to find that my Prisma blender pen is gone.  I had checked every craft store I went to for one and FINALLY, at one store, I found one lonely marker waiting to be plucked up.  I can't seem to find it now :o( I haven't even used it yet. I will probably find it next year in that proverbial safe place.

I was not happy with the leaves, the colors did not blend as I wanted them to. Not having had the pleasure of ever having used the blender marker, I don't know if that would have helped.  So I found my next personal challenge, actually 2...find my marker and learn how to blend leaves, LOL

Here is a close up photo:

Kinkade yellow rose close up 1Isn't that a beautiful image? I love how the shimmer of the paper comes right through the color. No need to use items like pearl-ex to add shimmer, what a time saver! Bling without the work.

I added some dots of Crystal Effects to look like dew. I love roses in the morning. Well...I love roses all day, but the morning is my favorite time to enjoy them.

I am loving this Paper Temptress paper. I love it so much I want to share every single beautiful sheet with you. Even less blingy crafters like a bit of shimmer on their projects every now and then, right?

In this economy, quality paper means no need for the expensive accessories. Well...they are still fun, but you don't NEED them. One thing that drives me nuts is when I made a card and can't find an embellishment to go on it. And I do have a lot of embellishments floating around! Most cards don't seem complete without something to perk them up. But this paper is all I need to perk up a card. Not one thing I have made with this paper has been "flat" You know what I mean, not dimensionally, but visually flat.

These roses look stunning with the shimmer of the paper making the petals look like the real petals, all velvet like. The base paper brings out the color of the roses, nothing is flat or "competing" for attention. Everything compliments wonderfully with everything else.  All team players, LOL

Well...looks like my arm is feeling better, Tee he

Hugs, Sandy O

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