Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update, News and Candy

God's Blessings by Sandy O'Sullivan

 "God's Blessing"

Yesterday I promised to share some exciting news not just for me, but exciting for you as well.  Let ma quickly share my news and then I can spend time on the fun stuff for YOU!

  • There is a new digital stamp company called Digital Stamp Oasis that has the cutest squirrel stamps.  I purchased a few and a little while later Ellie had a call for starting a design team.  I figured I would give it a try and made this card.

Now you have to admit he is really cute.   I did not get picked for the design team, but I submitted the card to a digital magazine for publishing. Happily I was chosen for the April issue. So, after today  I will have to take him down for a month.  But I wanted to share my first published card with you :O)  

Digital Squarrel card inside Inside of the card.

The magazine is Scrapbook News and Reviews and costs $4.99 a month or less if you purchase more than one month. You can find out more about it at the Scrapbook News and Reviews The Card Universe.    

  • Also, a while back I told you I had been working on some video tutorials for a paper company. I am sure you guessed that it was Paper Temptress.  I made a nice desk set using the leather paper.   

Well, it is up on the new Paper Temptress blog.  You will have to scroll down a bit to see them, since more posts have been added since. Now...PLEASE...if you see them, be kind to me. These are the very first video tutorials I made. I had no idea what I was getting into, LOL.  Never did I realize that plopping my ruler down would be so loud, ha ha. And I talked way to much so the editing had to be done between words. 

I will be adding videos here soon. I have learned A LOT since these so hopefully they will be so much better.

OK...Quickly onto your fun stuff

  • Patricia (THE Paper Temptress) is having a huge sale in April. The Leather Line that is shown in my videos will be 40% off!!!! WOW... Also, all of the Touch Papers: Velvet Touch, Suede Touch and Plastic Touch will be on sale for 30% off. 

If you are not sure you will like the papers, there is a link on the home page to request free samples! How nice is that. I told you Patricia was a sweet heart.

Just think of all the things you can make your mother for Mother's Day. AND, Father's Day is not to far away.  I will be sharing lots of projects this month to give you some ideas.

  • Do you have any kids who love to create with you? Well, Patricia has decided to to have a monthly Guest Designer which she is going to call the Paper Prince/Princess. Isn't that the cutest name.  The very first Paper Princess will be sharing her creations during the month of April.

So if you have a child 18 or younger who would love to be a guest designer, check out the details on the home page of the Paper Temptress Store.

  • Candy...YES...another Blog Candy. I am putting a bit of a Sandy Twist to it though.  I have almost reached a number of comments that is in a 50's increment. What does that mean??? Well, every 50th commenter will win a blog candy! I am going to wait for the next few comment that come in and end my count with the last two numbers being 50. At THAT point I will start the count. At the next increment of 50, I will email the next 50th to let them know they won my blog candy. 

I did not want to announce this when I was already at 50, so that it will be a total surprise. (no counting everyone, LOL) Each candy will consist of a project I made with the Paper Temptress paper as well as some yummy paper crafting toys.

Till tomorrow! Hugs, Sandy O

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