Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soccer Sketch and Paper Craft Planet

Have you been to Paper Craft Planet yet? It took me quite a while to warm up to it.  I would go to it and find it so confusing.  When seeking out what exactly it was, I would find that it was like Facebook, only for paper crafters.  Well, I have never been to Facebook, so this really did not help me at all. 

Finally I decided to ask the knowledgeable folks on Split Coast Stampers about it. The wonderful Gina K posted a perfect explanation of what it was and how to "use" it.  You can click HERE to read the thread if you have the same trouble I had or if you have never been to Paper Craft Planet (PCP) before.

Anyway...Dog Gone Stamps has a group on this forum. Every week there is a sketch challenge and this week I was able to play. You can see the DGS Sketch <<<here (until I can figure out how to add the sketches to my blog posts ***blush***)

Here is the card I made from the sketch.

Soccer girl 

Inside: Your Field or Mine?

The very first thing I thought of when seeing this soccer girl stamp (from Dog Gone Stamps) is to make a card saying that, LOL.

There are lots of companies that have groups now on Paper Craft Planet, so you may want to check it out. Maybe your favorite company is there.

OH...and finally got my albums updated, YEAHhhhh! It is so much more fun to cross things off a To Do List than it is to add them, LOL

See you tomorrow, hugs, Sandy O


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