Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Hearts For You!

I want to thank everyone who has been visiting me as well as those who leave comments.  You so make my day!  I really love knowing that there are people out there in this humongous world who take time out of their day to visit me. Those who leave comment are such a joy to me. I love reading them, sometimes more than once, LOL. Soooo....a Great BIG Cyber Hug to you all!

How many of you like to shop the clearance section? I can see all the hands raised already, LOL.  It is our modern "hunting ground" and much safer than the old one.  No bright orange clothing needed, LOL, nor do we need to camouflage ourselves from the hunted. 

Sometimes the hunted will seem to jump out at you.  This seems to happen most often after a holiday, such as Easter and Christmas.  The most recent day that I was attached by the "hunted" (whom I think were actually doing the hunting!!!, which means I was the hunted) was February 15th.  I warn you now, it is one of the most dangerous days to go to the store.  Day old candy is abundant and ready to fall off the overloaded shelves and bins right into you cart, basket or at you very feet, tripping you until you pick it up.

As you have probably guessed, I forgot what day it was as I set out to pick up a few things at the grocery store.  If you knew me, you would know that I have gained a lot, and I mean A LOT {{{hanging my head in shame, LOL}}} in the past few years. Some of it due to my never ending desire for chocolate. Mmmmmmmm....I'll not go into the zillion other things that contributed to this blobby body of mine, suffice it to say....February 15th I should have been chained to the house, Tee he he.

I don't wait for 75% off, by then only black jelly beans are left, eeesh. I definitely am happy to buy chocolate at 50% off, especially if it is enclosed in a cute alterable package.  You see, then I get 2 things for the price of one...or in my mind, at 50% I get 4 things for the price of one since I have to get 2 at the 50% price!

Here is my payback to one of the day old items that jumped around in front of me until I picked up her and her boyfriend.

Bear heart tin 

Actually, I don't think the plastic heart minds, LOL. This is such a cute bear image I got from Dog Gone Stamps.  It was the perfect image to use, especially with her balloon.  Since it originally came with chocolate, I dressed it in chocolate!

Here are a few more photos for you:

Bear heart tin open Bear heart tin close up How do you think it came out? What a wonderful gift for someone. It doesn't have to be Valentines day to let someone know you appreciate them, right! How about a teachers gift? Their love for teaching is truly a gift they give your child.


Bear heart inside  Bear heart card    Here is a peek at the inside of the cover. Isn't that the cutest paper clip? It is from Stampin' Ups new clip assortment.  Office supplies are one of my favorite things. I can walk around Staples or Office Depot forever, LOL. 

The smaller heart comes out so that you can write a message. How cute is that! You can write the teacher a little note about how thankful you are for the sweet love of teaching they have and how special they are to your child. Then simply slip it under the clip again.  So, actually this is a card, hmmmmm....a card with a gift. A brand new type of gift card, LOL  OK, OK, I am being silly. I didn't sleep much the past 2 day...my brain keeps thinking it is daytime...AND I am on my second huge cup of coffee. That is a bad combo, don't you think?

I have not doubt that you can think of plenty of times this would be a great gift or "picker upper" for someone. And...I know it is hard to think outside the heart, LOL, but you can fill it with just about anything, even a gift card held by a glue dot on the bottom, or, black jelly beans if that is what they like!

Because I only purchased 2 of these, I can't send you all one....SO.....this post is for you! Think of it as cyber candy (eye candy, LOL), no calories, no fat...Bwaa ha ha

As always, you can click on any of the photos to see them full size and the recipe will be in the altered media photo album.

Till tomorrow, Hugs, Sandy O


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