Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's A Barn Raising

Have you ever seen paper that you thought "what would I do with that?" even though you liked it. I often come across things that I absolutely love, but have no idea what I would do with it. Sometimes, if I really, REALLY like it, I purchase it and hope that I will think of something. Other times I leave it there for someone who will see it and think "Oh My Gosh, this is perfect for xxxxx". I have a feeling you have some of these items in your supplies, whether it is paper or something that just looked fun. 

Ok...onto the barn raising.  When I received my paper from Paper Temptress, most of it blew me away.  There was one, though, that truly mystified me. It was so pretty but "what am I going to do with it"? I spent a lot of time thinking about it and finally came up with an idea. A BARN!


Barn door open 

Isn't this so cute! OH MY GOSH! Can I say I am proud of this, LOL.  I came up with the idea and made the template without surfing and using an idea I saw somewhere.  Do you see the paper that intimidated me so? The red striped paper, which is actually called  Red Pepper Classic Column Paper, is really stunning in person, but I had no idea what to do with it.  If you have been around my blog for some time, you will notice that stripes are not something I use on a regular basis, if at all. Once I cut into this paper, though, I quickly fell in love with it. 

I also used the Canyon Brown Column card stock. All I needed to do was cut it into strips and adhere them around the windows. No crimping or distressing needed.

Here are a few other photos. The front is in 3 layers as well as the animals propped up on 1 or 2 demensionals. There is an actual card on the back, too.

Barn close up

As always, you can click on any photo to get a better look and the recipe is in the photo gallery.

MY ASSESSMENT: It is heavy enough for a multitude of projects yet light enough to use on cards. It cuts like a dream (everything here is hand cut!)  One thing that drives me crazy with heavier weight paper is that when I cut it, there is a slight tear in the paper where I end my cut. That did not happen with this paper. If you click on  the photo and look at the windows, there is not tear at the corners. LOVE IT!

Barn cardIt's slightly shiny surface allows it to be left "naked" and you will still have a stunning project. No embossing or accessories needed. Think of the money you could save with that alone, LOL.

It holds adhesive perfectly. I used double sided tape, dimensionals & glue dots.  All clung to the paper holding everything on with a strong bond. This card will not fall apart!

The price is excellent! You can purchase 1 sheet for only .50!!! If you order 5 sheets it goes down to .45. The Barn card open shipping is incredibly reasonable.

I will definitely be purchasing more and using it without intimidation! 


Paper Temptress

Column Paper

Red Pepper Column Card stock

Brown Canyon Column Card Stock

Heavenly White Premium Ultra Sooth Card Stock

My Favorite Things (stamps set)

Enjoy your weekend...we have a busy one on this end, so I am sure it will fly by, LOL

HUGS, Sandy O


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