Friday, March 13, 2009

Sweet Hour Of Prayer

Prayer book   

I have had the bind-it-all on my wish list for quite some time. For the past 2 Christmas's when my family asked what I wanted, I said " the bind-it-all"! the only difference between my answer was this past Christmas I said, "the BLUE bind-it-all", LOL.  Well, my wonderful family found other fantastic items to give me.

I really would have been thrilled with a hand written "I Love You Mom" on a napkin! They did find things that I had on my wish list just under the bind-it-all. How??? I don't really know since my list is in my head! I must be pretty transparent, LOL

I did end up purchasing one after the holidays since I did not want to wait another year, tee he he. I always told myself that the first thing I would make with it would be a prayer journal. it is, my prayer journal, the very first thing I made with my new blue bind-it-all!

The red cover is from a package of remnants I purchased at AC MOORE almost 2 years ago. I got a huge bag of chipboard remnants in all colors and shapes for $5. So these 2 pieces probably cost a whole .10 each!

The stamped image is the Mosaic Frame by Micheal Strong. Now, this link comes with a warning   If you do click on it, you will most likely see something you just have to have! I thought they were no my style, LOL....little did I know when I watched his videos.  He is fun to watch and one of the sweetest guys!

Anyway...I embossed it in gold on a sheet of Paper Temptress Plastic Feel paper. I am not sure about feeling like plastic. When I think of plastic, I think of Tupperware, LOL. This paper feels more like the moleskin fabric. So soft and smooth. Actually FUN to touch. The mat finish makes the embossing really stand out!

Here are my closer and closest photos, LOL

Prayer book close up   Prayer book flower  

I  forgot to add that I lined the front and the back covers with the same plastic feel paper. Before I adhered the front cover liner, I attached a piece of gold silk ribbon to use as a book mark.  I am really happy how it came out.

Have a great Friday everyone! Hugs, Sandy O


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