Monday, March 9, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

Has spring hit your part of the world yet? Or maybe you are among the fortunate ones who have spring like weather most of the time.  Well...I am jealous of you today.  Miss Spring keeps peeking into New Hampshire, then gets pushed away by Mr. Winter.  I think Mr. Winter is a bully, LOL and Miss Spring should kick him right in the................knee....Tee he

As you probably guessed, it is snowing here in NH again.  I woke up and had to shovel at least 5 inches off the stairs and part of the yard so the pups could go outside...literally GO outside, LOL they are small, 2 chihuahuas and a dachshund. The dachshund is not so tiny, but he is REALLY short, HA HA! He was not phased by the snow, though. He just trotted along to the very back of the yard and stuck his tongue out at the chi' na nanana...look at me, Ha ha ha ha...little does he know that they just wanted to get back in the nice warm house.

Today I decided would be a good day to share a Christmas card.  Kind of early you say??!! could seem that way...but...this past Christmas I never finished them. I am the type who runs on adrenaline, therefore, I put everything off until I have to rush. Well, last year, we had a severe storm that knocked out electricity all over the least 2 states, but I think it was more.  We had to leave the house for 7 days!

This year I was not going to run short of cards. I joined a Christmas Card challenge on the SUDemoOnly Yahoo group.  I was able to choose how many cards I am to challenge myself to make each month (I chose 5) and then post it in the Christmas Challenge photo album when I complete my 5 or so.

Here is the card I made for February:

Feb Christmas card 

I found this paper at a local scrapbook store 2 weeks ago. It is so pretty. Since I was late making my February cards, bwaa ha ha ha...late? ME??!!! LOL...Anyway, I thought that with such pretty paper I could make some really quick but pretty cards. Here are a few more photos:

Feb Christmas card dangling snowflakes



I really like how the snowflakes dangle, because I know that everyone tilts their cards when they arrive, HA! NOT! but they are fun!



Uggg, typepad won't let me put my cursor all the way to the left? It happened as the plow went by so I think the cursor got scared and scurried as far from the window as possible. Even fixing the HTML isn't working. OH, here it goes {{{eyes rolling}}}

Feb Christmas card inside

Now here is the cool part. The glittery paper lifts up so that you can put a gift card underneath. If you have ever pulled a GC off the card they come on and not gotten the glue stuck to the card, I think you are among the few, LOL.  After pulling the GC off of the store holder, I can simply stick it to the base under the paper.  Neat huh?



Feb Christmas card inside paper

OK, now I have to show this paper.  Isn't it wonderful? It looks like a north east snow storm hit the area inside the card. All the shimmery swirls remind me of the snow blowing and swirling and sparkling in the light.

Commercial, LOL You can find this fabulous paper by clicking >>>>>Paper Temptress. There are so many things that you can do with this paper, it is absolutely amazing.  I will be showing some examples and giving my assessment later in the week. If you like shine and bling you will find this quite interesting :o)

I actually made 6 of these. Last month I made 8, so I am ahead...YEAH!

Well...if you have sun...don't tell me, LOL and if you have will be gone soon!

See you tomorrow, Hugs, Sandy O

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