Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pretty Card and a Quick Post

1920s letter complete front

Close photo of card

Isn't this such a gorgeous image? I can't imagine how a card utilizing this image could be anything but pretty. This stamp is called Love Letter and is from Dog Gone Stamps 1920's line. 

With a name like Love Letter, how could I not use Valentine Colors! The pearls strands were purchased just over a year ago when I was making center pieces for my daughters wedding reception, then never used them. This card was the perfect reason to finally crack open the package.

I also had to use the simply stunning Paper Temptress Paper. I know I am sounding like a commercial right just have to see why...When you click on the photos you will see what I am talking about. This little lady deserves the prettiest paper I have. After all, She has been waiting 90 years, LOL


    Closer photo of card

1920s letter close up angle 

Closest photo of card

Ha Ha! I am REALLY tired today...I have been working on 2 video tutorials since I got up, as well as part of last night. I have never done one before and boy...did I learn A belly looks so much bigger from outside of me than from where I am standing, LOL and.... how to edit on the FLIP long winded I get the point. So...

the close, closer, closest theme sounded cute to me right now, Teehehehe

Here is one of the inside:

1920s letter inside 2 

I will be putting this in my album tomorrow. At this moment my right arm is killing me. I think I clicked that poor mouse on the head 1,598,457 times in the last 2 days!

Just so you know...the paper I used are called:

Base: Iridescent Crayogen White Card stock

Large ovals and photo corners: Sparkle Vermilion text

Small ovals and image: Silk Silver Luster Text.

well, I am off to give my arm a rest.....Ummm.....I just looked at the clock {{{SNIFFFFFF}}} It's time to feed the dogs and make supper...a large frowny smiley goes right HERE!!!

HA! See you tomorrow, Hugs, Sandy O

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