Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Litter

Do you have any pets? A dog, cat, goldfish or Llama? Most of our pets entered our lives as babies. Nothing is cuter than a baby animal. I was watching a show about blue whales on National Geographic 2 weeks ago and was surprised at how cute a baby blue whale is!

Even more exciting would be for our pet to have babies! None of my pets ever had litters...but....Once when I was baby sitting as a teen, the cat jumped onto the couch and began to give birth, right there! I was certain that the pain would cause her to bite me. Not only that, the couch was not made out of a wipe clean fabric.  I was in panic mode! Until the first little kitten appeared. Oh My Gosh! SO cute and ugly at the same time, LOL.

Animal parents love to show off the pictures of their babies as much as they show off photos of their own offspring. There is an abundance of baby animal videos all over the web, especially puppies. From personal blogs to You Tube, you can see anything from puppies nursing to panda bear babies scaring their mom by sneezing! Too FUNNY!!! And I know that I am not the only one who watches these more than once!

Well, I decided that I should make a card to congratulate new pet parents. Using the Dog Gone Stamp called Gabby and Zoey Bows I made this card:

Twin dogs 

Aren't they adorable! Imagine how cute they were as puppies! Awwwwww.......Tee he he I have them popped up on dimensionals sitting in the middle of a field. They are sooooo happy!

Twin dogs insideI do not have a stamp that says "Congratulations on your new litter", LOL So I made do with a simple "Congratulations".  How fun it would be for a new pet parent to receive a card like this!

I made the pattern paper by using the paw print and bone stamps from the retired Stampin' Up set called "Bow Wow". Such a totally cute set! Sometimes it is easier and faster to make my own patterned paper than it is to search through my papers for one with the perfect pattern and color. When I make my own paper, I can even add glitter, flock, embossing or anything else that might come to mind that would match the card/layout design.

It has been almost a week since I have been in my craft room! Boy...not only did I miss it, but I was so out of tune with my mojo! Lord willing that won't happen again, LOL.

Till Tomorrow...Hugs, Sandy O

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