Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Design Team

I am so excited, I could hardly wait to tell you all. Last week was such a wonderful week for me!

First, I was talking to Patricia (the owner of Paper Temptress) and she said I was more than welcome to come back onto the Paper Temptress Design Team. I was blessed with being able to be on it for a month or 2 last year before I took 6 months off due to illness.

As you know by just about every one of my posts, I LOVE the Paper Temptress paper! if that was not exciting enough, a wonderful new friend of mine, Ellie, the owner of Digital Stamp Oasis, asked if I would be interested in joining the Digital Tuesday Challenge Design Team. WOULD I???? Ummmm...let me think for a se...YES!

Wooo Hooo, I can hardly stand to keep still in my chair as I type this. I have been busy today making some projects and setting things up. Did you see my fun new widgets to the right! Do I have a big smile on my face, tee he he...You bet!

I also added a FOLLOW ME widget to the right. It is a bit different from the ones you have seen on blogspot blogs. Typepad does the widget a bit difference. You really can't tell that you joined unless you look at the number of followers...grrrrr! Rest assured that if you click on the follow button and confirm you are now following. works the same way as the blogspost Follow Me widget. I hope you will decided to follow me :o) as I share my walk through the wonderful world of paper crafts.

Hugs, Sandy O

Comments from before moving to blogger

Congrats! Posted by: Regina Jones April 16, 2010 at 01:43 PM Double congratulations! Posted by: lisa808 April 15, 2010 at 05:37 PM WOW!!! YIPPEEE!!! Congrats Sandy! What awesome news!! You are going to be ONE BUSY LADY!! (ask me how I know, tee hee) I can't wait to see the creation you come up with for these companies!! Gee ... I hope you'll still have time to join us at *Wink *Wink!! GREAT NEWS!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

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